It can become a mother to be a great experience. However, considering the results of a birth, some women worried.

Knowing what might happen to help save women's stress than later. Childbirth experience may be different for all women, and some changes are likely to occur in the majority of birth mothers. Vaginal surgeon experts believe that women should be informed about changes in their body can pass through, and one of the biggest changes in the density of the vagina, but it can be a way to help get you close, or even Even back as before.

Experts consider these Vaginaplasty stages of labor and how it can affect the vaginal area.

Birth process usually starts when the contractions are closer together and more intense. It could start 10 minutes apart and gradually within five minutes. Although the woman at the end of its work, beats more often and longer.

When the early work starts, the cervix opens and gradually thinner. Once active labor begins, the cervix spread more quickly, which could lead to painful contractions. Studies show that if this phase ends, the child will begin to drop, when the cervix reaches 10 cm, the woman may begin to push.

Some women tend to find a job easier in the second step, because it can offer some relief. However, others feel like that to push the baby center website says.

As a cosmetic surgeon believes that the baby during birth is pushed through the birth canal, can cause the supporting tissues around the vagina to separate and weaken. As the baby quickly down through the birth canal, it can lead to rupture of the vaginal wall and perineum. This can lead to serious and painful recovery.

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A few minutes after birth, the uterus contract. Usually, when the placenta moves away from the wall of the uterus. This should not be a step too much trouble and pain-free.
After introduction of the placenta, a woman can go to feel the uterus contract. The contractions are called placenta pain, and usually feel strongly menstrual cramps.

It is an opportunity for women to suffer from birth free vaginal. This can lead to a lack of sensation during sex, stress urinary incontinence, reduced sexual satisfaction, and reduced self-esteem. This can be a problem to solve. Laser surgery can change the renewal vagina vaginal damage and restore the natural shape and density. The answer to this problem can lead to a better sex life and restore confidence.

The birth of a great event for a woman and her partner. A woman should enjoy the moment and not stress about the effect on her body. If there is a problem that occurs after birth, can be determined.

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