Brush hair a hundred times before going to bed, is an activity that is no longer practicing, but for most women is still very important that their hair looks and feels great. With the right product for your hair is naturally very important to do this, but the type of brush used is also important to keep your head soft, shiny and healthy hair. Knowing the best hair brush crown at work and increase the confidence of Sky High.

Women go to the barber is expected to come from the salon looking like a million dollars. Barber, who has the right equipment, especially her brushes very well be able to produce this result with all clients, so naturally, this means that customers will be satisfied and return. We have a list of some of our favorite professional hair brushes.

Hair brushes and wheels general definition can curl hair, but hair is straight. If your hair is shorter, you can use a small round brush to curl hair in a particular part, and if you have longer hair, big round brush is used to curl ends of hair and straighten it. We love Huggers head Denman hair brush.

The paddle brush is broad and flat, and it's really great for medium length hair straightening, hair stroking, as it expands. The style of the brush is recommended for hair that is too low, used to be flat. Try Denman Boar Brush Medium for impressive results.

As the name suggests, open the brush has a central hole that allows air through the brush, which reduces drying time. Apart from this brush to support the number of hair, hair, also disclosed.

Half round brush usually comes with a quill, and great for use on wet or dry hair. This brush is perfect to take with you for quick touch-ups.

Brush hair pillow is being used for the same results with half-round brush to achieve. It is designed for medium to long hair, you can use every day, and gives a great massage for cleaning too.

Statue brushes are ideal for short hair backcombing to give volume. If you have a short, structured style, then this is the brush that will give your hair movement. Brush sculpting is best for short hair, layers around and textured outlines.

Expensive, but very popular with most hairdresser, Mason Pearson flat brush. With a combination of black and synthetic hedge, this gives a soft brush and brush faster drying time, too. This is definitely one of the best salon quality hair brushes around.

After a series of brushes that allow you to achieve the style you're looking for. You can style your hair according to mood, occasion, or simply experimenting with different styles. However, in order to ensure the best hairbrush concerned about quality brushes that will last buy, treat your hair gently and well, without scratching your head.

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