There are several ways to achieve a natural double eyelids. The vast majority of Asian women is missing fold at the algae also known as double eyelid. There are two ways to add this feature for women who want to add the eyes, surgical and nonsurgical methods. Both options will help you add a double lid without much trouble. Double lid surgery are permanent, so it is always safer non-surgical methods to try as an example of what look like double eyelid before continuous operation.

Non-surgical methods are very popular and economical eye tape. Eyelid tape is pre-cut transparent sticker, in the same shape and the lid is designed to double that form a fold of the eyelid. There are several ways to make natural doublelids by following the steps listed on the site.

First Learn the difference between the different ethnic eyelids. Asian eyelids are very close to the lashes at the inner corner of eye, and move parallel to the eyebrows in the center of the eye. Westerners, however, have inverted "U" shape, which is located near the tapering shape of the algae. Focus on the type of cap you have, adjust lids and bands on the form and get a more natural look. Make a double eyelid using cosmetic products such as glue or double eyelid tape. These are ways to get double eyelids when you feel like with them. Typically used on a daily basis, such as makeup. These are the steps how to use eyelid tape:

Second First, clean face is to use eye tape, so a non-oily skin needed. If the eyelid area is completely dry, you can start applying eyelid tape. Second, eyelid tape positioned just above the fold line.

Third A natural lash line the inner eye sockets should be observed for a natural look. If the double lid glue, wait thirty seconds for the glue to set before you press the skin together to create a fold. Slowly push the skin on the eyelids upperlids tape using the "Y" Stick that meets the eyelid tape package. Give some of the caps from left to right slowly and wait half a minute to cover remains on the top lid before proceeding.

4th Finally, when the eyelid tape, you can use makeup if necessary. Eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner can be used to improve appearance. A good tape covers should last at least throughout the day and is removed by washing with warm water and Face Wash. Some of the recommendations of the eyelid and eye tape, glue, I have personally used and still used today (just a cap on the double eyelid tape or glue eyelids done, I personally prefer eyelid tape, because it is easier to use)

5th Eyelid surgery can be considered a permanent solution for double eyelids. Double cover eyelid surgery, or is a growing trend among Asian women, because it is an immediate solution to the double eyelid. Surgery is usually performed as outpatient surgery, and hospitalization is not necessary. The operation usually takes only a few hours, but full recovery may take approximately 5-6 weeks.

Tip: How to double lid surgery the surgeon to choose? Licensed physician with experience in the eyelids, it is vitally important if there are no complications. If eyelid surgery includes face, certainly do not want anything unwanted happening. It is therefore a good investment to invest a little more for the best.

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