How To Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron

So, you have a good curler in his hands, but how to use it? Without the proper technology risk hours for hair, just looking to get poor results, so here's how to get your hair with a curling iron curls for those curls bounce and texture to add life to your style.

First, untangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and use some heat to protect hair from damage. The next section of hair on the upper layers and layers. Film clip of Upper thermal protector spray and the other on the bottom tier. Combing, curling iron and then close to a fire at the correct temperature.

Take one inch section of hair and place the container on the hair at the roots, then wrap the remaining section of hair around the barrel spiral up to the summit. Hold in place for 60-10 seconds and remove the barrel. If you are on a spring curling iron, then clip the end sections of iron and roll up, stay close to the skin for a few seconds, then release their new wave.

Continue to cut and curl until you finish the whole layer. To the top and keep curling until you stop the entire head of hair. Remember, natural curls in perfect rows, so here's a tip for your new style to look more natural. Use different sizes of curling irons or curling sections of different thicknesses for a more spontaneous feel. When you're done, spray or some shine serum for a glossy finish.

If we now make a clipless curling iron, then it need not be limited to regular waves. Wise the right know-how different styles can be just as easy. For curly hair, use large areas of hair and you, as the root hair wrap, around the barrel. Hold for 5-7 seconds and slide the barrel. Although the wave is still warm, pull the free end of the hair and ripple length. You can use a small barrel with spiral curls using a hair smaller parts. Wrapped around the barrel and leave it for a little longer, then the locks of hair keeps its shape, and slide and knead it on the barrel so it does not fall.

So, for all types of curly and wavy hair, choose a professional clipless curling iron and give great style with each use.

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