The prize for the most popular cosmetic surgery on anything other than an artificial nose. Nose adjustments are made for several reasons, such as accidents, injuries or health problems associated with it. If you are curious about the process, we are here to tell you about this subject. Read helpful information written below to get a basic idea of ​​an artificial nose

* The nose is the medical term for nasal surgery. It is a cosmetic procedure performed on the size and shape of the nose to change. It can even solve problems such as nasal step and blow nose clearly consistent.

* Sometimes, it must be done for health reasons. So it may be useful in the treatment of the nasal septum deviation. Bone that separates the left and right nostril is inclined slightly from its original site in the state. If not corrected immediately, causing respiratory problems in an advanced stage, or even lead to a step nose.

* Consult with a doctor is very important when an artificial nose. With the help of a doctor, you can decide how it will look like your nose. You can use your nose, depending on your face. This does not do so, it looks artificial.

* Treatment for Asians and whites. The cause of these differences is that the different surface configurations.

* The entire process takes two to four hours depending on the nature of the changes you want in your nose. The entire surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthetic.

* To make the cuts on his nose, there are two ways to open and close. In a closed process, breaks in the mucosal lining. Open process, the cut is being made on the floor. This is because the problem is not the scars on my face done.

Nose * surgeon performs the task reorganization or remove some of the cartilage in the nose. This should be part of your nasal bones are broken and do it very carefully. This is so nice that the nose is placed in the right place to do it. Surgeons are using your own tissue, so there is less risk of infection and rejection later.

You can feel a bit tired and dazed immediately after surgery and will continue for a few days. Given that people often vomiting black liquid after a few hours after the operation. Do not worry, because it is one that I was swallowing blood during surgery, it is not harmful and there is no reason for concern. If, however, will continue and feel ill with high fever, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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